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Client Brief:

The client's primary goal is to create a user marketplace website where people can connect and swap their Halloween costumes within their local area. The target audience is individuals who enjoy new Halloween dresses and are open to swapping their costumes. The client wishes to create a user-friendly platform with specific features and design preferences, such as an orange and black color scheme with a white background.

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Challenges & Solution:

The website must blend elements of social networking while maintaining a strong focus on user-friendly themes. Effective user communication, geolocation services, and an intuitive search and filter system are essential for users to find and swap costumes successfully. Additionally, admin tools are needed to ensure the platform's integrity and safety.

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Our Design Process

Every client has unique requirements, we fulfill those by adhering to our proven web development process. Here’s how we do it:


Discovery Planning


Research Analysis


Wireframing UI Designing


Development QA Testing


Deployment Maintenance

Tech Stack Used

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Tools and testing

VS Code, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing

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Outcome and Results:

Web Design Glory provides a user-friendly, centralized hub to connect and swap Halloween costumes within their local areas. Meanwhile, the administration features will ensure a secure and well-moderated platform, allowing for user data management and the ability to report or ban any inappropriate or malicious activity. Ultimately, the website aims to promote community and a cost-effective way to celebrate Halloween with new costumes while reducing waste.

The site is ranking A on GTmetrix

It is also ranking 94% on google page speed

Site visits have increased more than 103%

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