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Client Brief:

Solar Pads is a new venture with a vision to help go green by promoting renewable energy solutions. Their primary focus is selling solar panels through the E-commerce platform, catering to major homeowners looking for sustainable energy sources. Their mission is to make a positive environmental impact and commitment to professionalism.

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Challenges & Solution:

Solar Pads, an emerging e-commerce business in renewable energy, encountered challenges building its website. The main hurdles included establishing a strong online presence in a competitive market and differentiating from competitors. Solutions included creating an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce platform, planning for fast and free shipping, and ensuring a transparent shipping policy.

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Our Design Process

Every client has unique requirements, we fulfill those by adhering to our proven web development process. Here’s how we do it:


Discovery Planning


Research Analysis


Wireframing UI Designing


Development QA Testing


Deployment Maintenance

Tech Stack Used

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Tools and testing

VS Code, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing

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Outcome and Results:

Despite all the challenges, Web Design Glory committed to its promise and delivered a high-tech e-commerce platform where Solar Pads promotes green energy and offers a seamless, professional online shopping experience while contributing to a sustainable future.

The site is ranking A on GTmetrix

It is also ranking 94% on google page speed

Site visits have increased more than 103%

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