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Client Brief:

Ruel Lipat needs a professional website for Redeeming Christian Love Ministry, an LLC-based organization in the USA and the Philippines. The website's purpose is to attract global donors to support their mission of helping senior citizens, children, and people with disabilities. The site includes a donation platform, a prayer request tab, a request for assistance tab, and a comment section.

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Challenges & Solution:

Redeeming Christian Love Ministry faces challenges due to limited funding and struggles with global visibility and donor engagement. To overcome these obstacles, the organization is launching fundraising initiatives, improving its online presence, and collaborating with Web Design Glory to create a comprehensive 10-page website, all within a tight two-week deadline. These efforts will help them reach a wider audience, secure vital funds, and better serve those in need.

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Our Design Process

Every client has unique requirements, we fulfill those by adhering to our proven web development process. Here’s how we do it:


Discovery Planning


Research Analysis


Wireframing UI Designing


Development QA Testing


Deployment Maintenance

Tech Stack Used

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Tools and testing

VS Code, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing

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Outcome and Results:

Redeeming Christian Love Ministry successfully launched a new website, expanding its reach and impact globally. They appealed to a compassionate audience and supporters, enabling them to raise funds for their charitable activities. With a user-friendly interface, they now facilitate prayer requests, assistance requests, and meaningful community interactions, promoting a sense of shared purpose.

The site is ranking A on GTmetrix

It is also ranking 94% on google page speed

Site visits have increased more than 103%

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